We make [pick one: responsive, reactive, respondent, intelligent, web 4.0] websites*!

We make websites to current standards. Period. This means both official standards like HTML5 and CSS3 and (where appropriate) unofficial trends like responsive design. New technology is fun to discover, but must also be examined for usefulness and ability to remain viable over the long term. We are happy to work with you in making these decisions or, if you are limited or have made your choices already, work within your parameters.

Website Design

  • Custom Design
  • Template Tweaking
  • Related Materials (e.g. banners, business cards)

Design can be hard, there are many nuances like affordances and page flow that is easy for technical people to overlook. We will work to make both an eye-friendly and usable site for you. Custom designs take time and effort, so we will also be happy to find an appropriate template and tweak to match the feel of your business.

Website Development

  • Standards-Compliant
  • Clean, Efficient Code
  • Secure Practices

What is harder than design? Coding well. We have many years of experience and can tell you there is a lot of garbage out there. Sites that do not work well in modern browsers, code that is hard to follow and maintain, and outdated technologies are all commonplace. Our goal is to write correct, clean, maintainable code; it is not just enough to say "hey it works", it also has to be done the right way.

Content Management Systems
& Platforms

To list just a few...

  • Magento Logo
  • WordPress Logo
  • Drupal Logo
  • Concrete5 Logo
  • Django Logo
  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails

Do you use a CMS or platform not listed here? Chances are we support it. Contact us to find out.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Once your site is designed and developed, it needs a home in which to reside. This is where our hosting packages come in. Like everyone else, we have a selection of packages to choose from, but have tried to keep the selections simple and spare you the details. If you need more specific information such as hardware specs drop us a line. In our experience, the primary factors in choosing a hosting package are cost, the type of site you will be running, and the technology it requires to run. Below we have provided some guidelines but it is best to have a discussion with us to truly iron out your needs. We offer hosting to everyone, but if you have worked with us previously we will apply a 10% discount to the prices listed below.

All packages include:

  • Email Setup
  • Website Name Registration
  • Domain Name Privacy Option
  • SSL Installation
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Package Options


  • $10 mo/$110 yr
  • 10% off hourly rate
  • Small Business


  • $45 mo/$495 yr
  • 15% off hourly rate
  • Minimum recommended for E-commerce


  • $200 mo/$2200 yr
  • 20% off hourly rate
  • High Performance, Security, Special Needs

Premium Hosting & Maintenance

Upgrade any Hosting & Maintenance plan with the Premium Service, which enjoys a number of benefits.

  • Priority Support
  • 2 FREE billable hours per month*
  • 25% off hourly rate
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Website Data-backups
unused billable hours do not "roll over" to the following month