We offer a variety of web-related services to complement our web design & hosting. Read below or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


  • Web App Penetration Testing
  • GWAPT Certified
  • Code Review
  • Developer Training

There is no denying it: websites are a common target for the criminal element and bored teenagers the world over. Mainstream news is littered with stories of breaches at big companies like Sony's Playstation Network and RSA/EMC, often as a result of vulnerabilities like SQL Injection or Cross-site Scripting. A web app assessment will look for holes in your apps and tell you how to plug them. We also offer training sessions since most developers are not taught about secure code development.

Site Management

  • Setup & Maintenance
  • E-mail Administration
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Data Backups

What happens after your site is up and running? There is always maintenance and other ongoing tasks that require consistent time and effort. What about when the site goes down or files disappear? Does not sound too fun, does it? We will be happy to take these tasks off your hands, whether it is a site we host (preferred for obvious reasons) or one hosted by some other (we assume) less awesome web host.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Code Improvements
  • Content For Search
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Sitemaps

Want to be at the top of Google? We cannot guarantee that for you, nor can anyone do so honestly. We will, however, code or update an existing site to follow Google's SEO best practices and feed into their analytics platform. Code should also use semantic tags and microformats where appropriate so search engines can understand your content. Something often overlooked is that the content itself must also be written with SEO in mind.

Mobile Development

  • Android Apps
  • Mobile-Friendly Websites

We strive to make all of the sites we code work well in a mobile environment. However, we know that your current website may need some updating or the pariticular functionality you want would work better as a mobile app. Either way, we have you covered. Note that currently we only offer Android development.

Consulting & Training

  • Programming Skills
  • Secure Coding
  • CMS & E-Commerce Training
  • Hardware & Software Choices

In such a fast moving field it is easy to lose track of new best practices or concepts. Our training sessions can update a rusty skillset or add a new tool to the tool belt. Sessions are tailored to both the skill or product being introduced and the audience. For example we can teach your developers the latest in HTML5 or your marketing department how to work with a CMS or e-commerce platform.

We will also consult on a variety of topics, including hardware/software upgrades, technology direction, and migrations.

Custom Coding

Have a site design but no one to make it? A half-finished project collecting dust? A nasty bug you do not have the time to track down? We have your back. Below are our core languages, but we may be able to work in a language of your preference, such as Java or C++. Contact us to find out! Note that we may charge exorbitant rates for languages we don't like (here's looking at you ColdFusion).

Supported Languages

  • HTML5 Logo
  • CSS3 Logo
  • PHP Logo
  • Python Logo
  • Ruby Logo
  • AJAX Logo
  • jQuery Logo